We provide exciting learning opportunities tailored to various Key Stages of the national curriculum, delivered by volunteers, many of whom are retired teachers.

Many thanks for your time spent with the children yesterday. They had a wonderful time and learnt a great deal.

Oldham school on a Tudor Tour of Bakewell followed by a museum visit, 2022


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What we can offer your pupils

In Bakewell

Guided tours such as:

The Anglo-Saxons - KS2

Our Town Trails present fieldwork opportunities for KS2. Visit sites, structures and artefacts across Bakewell.

Medieval Life (1066-1485) - KS3

Suitable for KS3 visit sites, buildings, structures and artefacts that existed in medieval times or were created then.

The Tudors - KS2/3

Visit Tudor buildings in Bakewell. Compare Tudor life and the present day and explores events such as the dissolution of the monasteries.

Richard Arkwright and the Industrial Revolution - KS2

A study of the aspect of history and a site that is significant in the locality. Visit the site of Arkwright's mill and find out why Bakewell was so important in the rise of industrialisation.

The Victorians - KS2

A study over time tracing how several aspects of national history are reflected in the locality. Focuses on the development of Bakewell during the reign of Queen Victoria.

Geography - KS2

This encourages pupils to consolidate their place and locational knowledge and improve their grasp of physical and human geography.

Pricing £5 - £6 per child, with accompanying adults free. Minimum numbers apply.

At the museum

Museum-led Activity Sessions such as:

The Tudors - KS1/2

Explore life in a Tudor house! Learn how to dance like a Tudor, play like a Tudor and even dress like one. Includes Museum Trails and artefact handling.

Pupil dressed up as a Tudor girl during a school visit.

The Victorians - KS1/2

Set in the atmospheric Victorian kitchen, pupils are given a Victorian alter ego. Dressed in period costume and allowed to handle museum exhibits, they can experience an authentic and enjoyable washday

Toys and Games of Yesteryear - KS1/2

Play with authentic Victorian games and toys in our courtyard, including Hop Scotch, Skipping Ropes, Hula Hoops, and Whip-and-Tops. Learn and sing Victorian songs and dance like a Tudor!

Creative writing - KS2/3

Use the museum's collections for inspiration for creative writing and live performance. In the past we have run sessions such as “Ghosts, Murders and Riots”.

Pricing: £5 per child, with accompanying adults free. Minimum numbers apply.

Self-guided tours around the museum:

Use our ready-made worksheets to explore:

  • The Tudors
  • The Victorians
  • The Rat Pack Trail

£4 per child, with accompanying adults free. Minimum numbers may apply on certain days - please enquire.

Our experienced team will gladly consider offering a bespoke package – please get in touch.

A school pupil doing one of the activities during a visit to the museum.

Home schooling

We can offer groups of home-schooled pupils the same town tours and museum activities (minimum number is 10 children).

Alternatively, we recommend joining one of our public tours of the town (Thursdays and some Tuesdays during the season) followed by a visit to the museum. The prices are the same as for general admissions. If you wish, we have a Bakewell Old House self-led trail that they may wish. This is free but please do let us know in advance to make one available to you.

Residential visits to the Peak District

We can offer your pupils the above sessions as part of your Peak District itinerary. Bakewell is the Ancient Capital of the Peak, and is the only Market Town within the Peak District National Park.

Sessions can be more geared towards fun, informal learning activities and we can provide early evening sessions. Please look at the Teacher's Pack for further details and get in touch.

Next steps

Download the teacher's pack, which contains further information on the sessions, details about getting here, suggested itineraries, accessibility and risk assessments.

To make a preliminary booking please complete this form.

We shall then be in touch to confirm your preferred date and what you would like covered during your visit.

Any queries, please contact the museum E: office@oldhousemuseum.org.uk