We regularly provide guided tours of the town for historical societies, U3A groups, Rotary, Round Table, Probus, Women’s Institute and Townswomen’s Guilds and other specialized groups. 

Secrets and Legends

The Bakewell Visitor Centre was an old market building with heraldry positioned across the side.

Full of fascinating and little known facts (plus some lively legends) our guided walks are informative, interesting and entertaining.

From the Anglo-Saxons and Normans to the present day your guide will lead you through the centuries. 

Beginning at the River Wye and taking you through the streets of Bakewell up to the Old House Museum, your guides will reveal the rich history, heritage, architecture, people and legends of this rural market town.

The trail may be barely a half mile, but with so many ancient structures and sites to visit there is a wealth of history crammed into the spine of the town. It's the ideal tour covering all periods of history.

Listed are some possible tours. Please book via Bakewell Old House Museum.

Starting location: Agricultural Business Centre / Bakewell Visitor Centre. Duration 1.5 hours.

£8 per person for 10-12 people (please contact us if you have a larger group).

  • Secrets and Legends for groups
  • Anglo Saxon Bakewell
  • Medieval Bakewell
  • Tudor Bakewell
  • Georgian Bakewell
  • Sir Richard Arkwright / Industrial Bakewell
  • Guided tour of Bakewell Old House Museum (can take larger groups for this)

Many groups opt to go on the Secrets and Legends tour followed by a self-guided tour of the museum (includes a free intro) for £13 per person. Tea/coffee and biscuits £2 per person. Duration: 3 hours.